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Item no. 29

Altimeter no. 29 with integrated barometer is designed for hikers and climbers who move up to heights of 4.000 meters or 12.000 feet. A precision mechanical movement rotates twice, covering 2.000 meters(6.000 feet) with each rotation of the hand. The barometer dial on the centre disk makes it possible to use the instrument as a barometer for weather forecast. The black case has a diameter of 65 mm, the weight is 40 g and the instrument comes with a leather case and thong for easy carrying.

Main use walking / climbing
range 0 m ... 4000 m
rotates 2 rotations
resolution 10 m
barometer dial 940 - 1060 hPa
weight with case 60 g
weight without case 40 g
case diameter 65 mm
dial diameter 60 mm
Accessories leather case with thong
Important to know: High resolution of 10 m, a precision movement, a barometer dial for weather forecast and a leather case: first choice for climbers and ambitious outdoor "trekkers".
Item no. 29
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